Legend, the large version...

These ratings are, of course, only valid if you happen to be interested in archery. Since, I maintain the links, I give these ratings (with a lot of help from Marcelo and Alban). To understand them you need to realize I am a Student and European Target Recurve Archer.


5 Lots of Useful, Original Information. Check this out, it's good. (really!)
4 Some good original info, not a waste of time. It may not be much, or presented in the best way, but if you look here, there's bound to be something that catches your attention.
3 There could be useful information on this page for you if you happen to be interested in the subject. Either that or the archery contents is not very elaborate.
2 Not primarily Archery or just local information. If you happen to live in the neigbourhood you might want to check it for an address or something, perhaps even a few dates for upcoming tournaments (or gone-by events, depending on the maintenance of the site)
1 Well, it is an archery site.... meaning: It's an Internet site in some way connected to Archery (it probably contains the word "Archery" or equivalent)