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The World Wide Web would not be a Web without links to other sites.
This is our contribution. Enjoy!

Because of other activities (a job) I have less time to maintain these links. I do try to keep up and also check old links to see if they need updating, but it can take a long time for me to add new links. New links need to be checked before they are included and a rating and description are not always easy to give.

Add/View New Links!

Because I don't have time to check out every link for a description and rating, I've created a new and improved way for you to notify me of changes and new links. Because of the advanced technology and my freaking nature, it is now easy for you to create your own entry for this collection using a form.

I hope you are responsible enough to create your own descriptions and ratings As I Would Give Them. Childish overratings will be ignored or downgraded. These new entries can be viewed immediately by everyone!

As you may have noticed, I've started a new category, Traditional and Medieval Archery, and in due time I'll move some links to this page if they fit into this category.

Another project I'm working on (not that hard....) is a page with some tips for web-pages in general and archery pages specifically. I hope that that will help you create better pages and me spend less time getting annoyed at yet another no-contents archery page ;-).

Adding your link to this collection

If you have an URL you would like to have included in this collection, please Use the Form!

NOTE: We don't have links to commercial and bowhunting sites, so please don't ask to have your commercial or bowhunting site included.
Kjetil Kilhavn does have commercial and bowhunting links:
Archery on the World Wide Web

Please notify me of any updates or location changes, so I can keep things up-to-date

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