General Archery related sites

5 Tenzone
Very high concentration of archery information with subjects like: Equipment, Technique and Psychology. Definately a place to visit when you're looking for detailed information!

5 BOWnet
A web-location for the Archery magazine "The Bow". Lots of items on archery and a good links section.

4 Easton Shaft Charts
Yes, this is the Easton Shaft Chart and it is on-line!

4 Crossbows
A page with a.o. the crossbow FAQ and a story about the history of the crossbow.

4 The Scottish Archery Magazine On Line (Scotland)
Scottish archery magazine, lots of debates, results from shoots such as the 1997 Euronations and SAA champs. Rather local contents
3 Archery Club Grivegnée (Belgium)
Materials and tuning and lots of other nice stuff, provided you know the French language
3 Compound bow Tuning
A complete guide to tuning a compound bow. (Although not very much structured)

3 Ankerpunkt Bogensport/Archery Cyber Magazin (Germany)
An archery cyber magazin in germany. The language is German only (that's why it's rated blue)
3 Precision Arrow Matching
How to create a more consistent set of (wooden) arrows

3 Slovene National Archery Records
A complete list of Slovene records by Marjana Drobnic, who is also one of the maintainers of the official list of records. Uncertain if this site will stay available.

2 World Wide Emailcatalog - for archers (Sweden)
Here you find emailadresses to archers, you can find a friend to write to, or just fill your ICQ list with new UIN's :) or just check archers homepages.

What kind of pages are listed here

On this page are links to Archery webpages that are not for an organization, a person or a club.