Other archery Links pages:

5 Archery on the World Wide Web by Kjetil Kilhavn
Organized by Country, also has Bowhunting and Commercial Links. Mirrored by a few other sites:
5 Archery Information Resources (Look Here!)
Sarah Ellis has created this site on the basis of a questionaire. This is probably the best way to start searching for information about Archery on the Internet. Recently I've tried to notify Sarah of changes in location for some pages, but she appears to be unreachable, so look in my copy for more up-to-date links.
4 BowNet Archery Links
Richard White of the Bow magazine has also created a links section. Some of the descriptions may look familiar if you know this site and Kjetil's site a bit... Nevertheless it's a good combination of both and certainly worth a look.
4 OutdoorWeb Archery Resources
A lot of Italian Archery Links organized by: traditional archery, primitive archery, bowhunting, about science in archery, basic learning, associations, clubs and personal homepages.
4 Archery links by www.sport.it
A list of link in and outside of Italy, part of a complete WWW links collection for all kinds of sports.
4 Ed's Archery Page
Mainly archery links. The first two links are articles on compound tuning and arrow balance

4 Mike de Lange, Archery related links
Just a large amount of links to archery related pages. Most, if not all can be found in this collection or Kjetil's. It looks nice though and it offers some extra location info for some links.

3 YPN: Sports: Archery
A lot of mostly useless links to the FAQs at rtfm.mit.edu and some other archery resources.

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