Archery Organisations:

5 The Official FITA Homepage (US)
Lots of information about major archery events, but it seems to pay little attention to the average archer.
5 New Zealand Archery (NZ)
New Zealands archery association. List of clubs and org. people.

5 The Official NFAA Homepage (US)
A very good homepage for the "National" Field Archery Association of the USA. This is a fine example of how an organization should have a www-page!.

5 The National Archery Association (US)
A very good homepage for the "National" Archery Association of the USA. Very promising

4 The Grand National Archery Society (UK)
Very impressive overview of the GNAS, But still under construction.

4 National Field Archery Association (UK)
A short introduction, the rules, constitution and other such useful information and a contact address.

4 Finnish Archery Association (Finland)
Stuff about the Finnish Archery Association (some English, mostly Finnish)

3 FITARCO Homepage (Italy)
The homepage of the Italian Archery Association. Most information is only available in Italian.

3 Finnish Archery Association (Finland)
Address information, Finnish records, clubs, tournament results, tournament dates, world rankings and more. Most information is only available in Finnish.

3 Target Archers of North Carolina (US)
The webpage of the archery organization for target and field archers in North Carolina (US).

3 The Barbados Target Archery Association (Barbados)
The national body for archery in Barbados.

3 International Paralympic Committee (UK)
Archery section. Under construcion, currently only contains the rules.

3 Maryland Archery Homepage (US)
Very Field/3D/hunting oriented page. An events calendar, a list of contact addresses of Maryland Clubs and links (and some more stuff)

3 Minnesota State Archery Web Page (US)
A page with a collection of upcoming Archery Events and Minnesota Archery Clubs (1 for now). You can add to both lists using a HTML form.

3 Svenska Bågskytteförbundet (Sweden)
An informational page for the Swedish Archery Association. The index-page is also available in English.

3 Fédération de Tir à l'Arc du Québec (Canada)
A French page about the Canadian FITA body. I think it could be a good page (if you can understand French)

2 Dansk Bueskytteforbund (Denmark)
An e-mail address and a list of addresses of clubs. All in Danish.

2 Australian Archery (Australia)
A little info on Australian Archery by the Australian Sports Commission. Under Construction.

2 Olympic Archery Pages (US)
For the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta (USA).

What kind of pages are listed here

On this page are links to pages for Organizations that are bigger than a single club.