Other Archery Clubs:

5 South Hams Field Archery Club (UK)
Local info, a list of NFAS Rules, Clubs with contacts and a competition schedule. Also a "day of field archery" and how to make arrows.

5 Auroraland JOAD Home Page (US)
JOAD information, Club information, US national and Club records, US JOAD and FITA tournament schedules, JOAD-archers' biographies and links.

4 Queen Ann Archers (US)
A very well made page, information about the Junior Olympic Program and local info. Also, some good tips for preparing to go to tournaments and physical fitness.
4 sport arco e frecce c.a.m. (Italy)

A lot of information about the club and its activities, the club history, a "gold-list" of members who have done well. Also a page honoring a few archers who have done especially well (a.o. Michele Frangilli) and a few links. The pages are, of course, all available in Italian as well.

4 Links Archers (UK, Scotland)
Information about the Club, its members (a.o. Simon Needham), a bunch of links and some more. (Uses frames)

4 Sherbrooke Archers (Australia)

This page contains club information (such as a events, coaching, committee etc), non-commercial links, photos and a brief background of the our club. A results page and a clud callender,

4 Sorrento Archery Club (Australia)
This is an "interesting" page (if you're not easily shocked). I've been here before, but I forgot to include it then. It is too slow (from here) to go through it again.

3 Cledford Field Archers (UK)
Contact info, results, an article on what field archery is about and some links.

2 Bagshot Archery Club (UK)
Contact info, Club records (maybe later national and international records too), some info about the club and the intention to put up some images (now links to non-existing images). No links to other pages.

3 The Briones Archers Home Page (US)
Local information pictures and results of events and a few links.

3 Detroit Archers (US)
Contact info, Club info, a shooting schedule, league information and some other stuff.

3 Ahamo Archery Club (US)
Contact info, Club info, a shooting schedule, a discussion board and form to request (membership) info.

3 archery south australia home page (Australia)
Useful archery + Club info/links including downloadable bi-monthly newsletter on archery happenings in the State of South Australia.

2 Welcome To Comanche Bowmen (USA)
Perpetuating the Sport of Archery - Since 1953.
This webpage contains downloadable sounds, stories pix of our fieldtrips and more. Who said, "an old dog can't learn new tricks." Why we have the internet. Visit Us!

2 Les Archers de la Valserine (France)
Club informations,regional events, results, archery links, images (historical and photo's). French only....

2 Bannockburn Bowmen (UK)
The page has come under new management, it has some beginners info and a contact address for the GNAS.

2 Okinawa Archery Club (Okinawa, JA)
The Okinawa Archery club is dedicated to serving U.S. Military and DoD Civilian archers stationed on Okinawa, JA.

2 Cache Archers (US)
Contact info, membership info and a piece about their 3D tournament.

2 York County Bowmen (Canada)
An event calendar for York County and a map of some sort to the clubhouse.
New addition
2 Skellefteå Bågskytteklubb (Sweden)
Local info, a description of kinds of bow used and a few items of technique, no links. Only in Swedish.

2 Black Knight Archers (US)
Local info and tournament schedule, a couple of links (but good ones ;-).

2 Archery Team Gallarate_Cab (Italy)
These are good looking pages (in 640x480), but I don't understand Italian, so I don't know if they're any good. All in Italian, except for the introduction page.

2 Sigtuna Bågskytteklubb (Sweden)
Local info, competition results, no links. Only in Swedish.

2 BSK Nimrods hemsida (Sweden)
Local info, no links. Only in Swedish.

2 Armbågens BK (Sweden)
Yet Another "Only in Swedish" Archery page. Very confusing and busy interface.

2 The Utah Hot Shots Archery Club (US)
Local info (very sparse), competition results and a few links.

2 Kennesaw Archery Club (US)
Local info and tournament schedule

2 Le coin des Archers (France)
Local club info, results. In French.

2 RA Archery (US)
Only local info

2 Robin Hood Ry (Finland)
Some info about Finlands oldest archery club.

2 OVGC Field Archery (US)
Only local info.

2 Maya Archers of Roseville, CA. (USA)
One of California, USA's largest clubs. Providing many archery events for the public and new archers wishing to join and participate in target shooting on a NFAA course.

2 Archery Oklahoma - Home Page (USA)
Archery Oklahoma, a new state NAA organization will post tournament results, news, reviews, and information on this page. Just getting started, but more to come.

2 arcus bueskytteforening (Denmark)
Tournaments (ARCUS face to face ++) club info, links to other archery sites

2 The Houston Archery Club (US)
A very small page, by very young archers, with a very young Club

1 Wirral Archers (UK)
A tiny bit of info about the club. no links, etc...

What kind of pages are listed here

On this page are links to pages for Arhcery clubs that don't belong to a university.