Personal Archery Pages:

4 Archery: Steve Lomas (UK)
Specifications for most (all?) Brittish Rounds (both In- and Outdoor), Qualifications on those rounds and Infomation on non-standard Archery competitions (a.o. Clout, Popinjay, Flight, etc.). A couple of record keeping files/programs for various computers (including the psion 3a)

4 Lars Maasjost's Archery page (Germany)
Nice looking pages with frames (frameless version also available_. Personal info and links to a.o. tournaments in Germany, the Netherlands and Italy.

4 Traditional Archery (US)
A page by Marty, a Traditional Archery enthusiast. Also has information about the st. Sebastian's Rennaisance Guild and the Northwoods Bowmen's Club. Lots of pictures too.

3 Andy Milman's Archery Activities (US)
A few links and a good explanation of olympic archery.

2 Christer Carmevik (Sweden)
Very sparse page in Swedish, contains two links with information about 2 Swedish Archery Clubs and 2 archery organisations.

2 Jarett Kulm- Archer, coach, student and Oompa Loompa! (US)
Only for Netscape 2.0 or higher. Boy is this guy an ego-maniac! a bunch of pictures of (mostly) himself and a list of achievements...

2 Archery (US)
A few pictures of Archery activities and a very few links...

2 A japanese Archery Page (Japan)
Maintained by by Kenji Okumura from the KINGSLAY club Archery team. Looks nice, unfortunately only in Japanese. A surprise if you click on his Links button......

2 Dennis Warren (US)
Some info about a JOAD group, his equipment and a few links.

2 Matthew Maude (UK)
Not much info, has a few archery pictures, though.

2 M. DILL - Tir à l'arc - Accueil (France)
Nice looking pages, unfortunately only in French. Probably the first French archery page on the web. General archery info, links and a book list. Under construction.

2 Steve's Archery Page (UK)
A bit of info about his own equipment and something not quite entirely unlike a commercial ad.....

2 Bruce Kellem Home Page (US)
About his archery and (soon?) something about the "quest" to get a young archer into the olympic team.

2 Tom & Jeanne's Archery Page (US)
A page about 3D Archery by two compound archers.

2 James Bryant's Archery Page (UK)
Very little information, a few links and an e-mail address.

2 The Archery Not-Master (US)
Just a few pictures of two compound archers.

2 Robert Knotek (Austria)
A little about Robert and his archery. Has two picures of archers from Bhutan.

1 Masahiro Ishida (Japan)
A drawing under a link and some links to archery pages, IF you can find it in that jumble of background. (hint: turn off image loading with this page)

What kind of pages are listed here

On this page are links to archery webpages by and for individuals.