Traditional and Medieval Links, also Kyudo

Kyudo Pages

5 The Kyudo Project Incorporated
A lot of information about Kyudo in Northern California and detailed information about ANKF(?) test requirements. Look under "The Shiseikan Dojo" to find the most interesting articles.

4 Kyudo: Japanese Archery
A detailed discussion about this Japanese form of "Zen" Archery.

4 Kyudo in Bavaria/Germany (Germany)
Information on Kyudo and the Bavarian Kyudo clubs
- national and international addresses and events - pictures (partly animated)
Homepage in English, French and German

3 The Kyudo Web Page
Description of disciplines and books, list schools in North America and links. Some pages under construction

Traditional and Medieval Pages

5 English Warbow (UK)
Nice looking site about the English Warbow, Victorian and Medieval styles are shown and explained. .

5 Korean Traditional Archery (USA)
Dedicated to Korean traditional archery (Goong Do). Included on the site are detailed articles about Goong Do, pictures and links. This site is continuously being updated, so check back often.

4 Traditional Archery
This is both a collection of links and articles on traditional archery and a few things on bowhunting. It's interesting because a lot of links are to existing pages, but they are grouped together in a meaningful way.

4 Traditional Archery Schedule
A list of upcoming Traditional Archery Events, a small information page is available for each event.

4 G. F. Armoury Books (US)
Mainly a list of books on related subjects (but lots!). (Ok, so this is slightly commercial... I want to put some useful info on this page ;-)

4 Society for Creative Anachronism (US)
Lots of medieval stuff

4 Nebraska Traditional Archers (US)
A calendar for traditional events and 3D shoots, some pages and links about building bows and archery links.

4 Gwyntarian Archers Guild (US)
I'm not into this aspect of the sport, but this page is fun to visit. Some stuff about "The Midrealm Winter Archery Challenge", local info and a bunch of links.

3 Skyia's Page (USA)
Skyia's Page describes her passion for longbows. Loads of nice pictures from the Xena-like woman.

3 Ken's Traditional Archery Page (Canada)
A bunch of links to other related sites, dates of traditional tournaments and some information about him and his wife.

3 The Feudal Archers Home Page (UK)
Small 12th Century Medieval Archery Group - links page - cookery info - trebuchet and more to come soon!

3 History of Mediterranean Archery (Italy)
Home page dedicated to historical studies about ancient and medieval archery referred specialy to Mediterranean area. There is an abstract of a book about Byzantine archery and a paper about Homeric bow.

3 bow show (USA)
Emphasis on traditional equipment and instinctive techniques. Some trajectory data provided by engineer in the UK.
This site has a shitty interface, but it does have some info.

3 Bow and Arrow Making
A short piece about Bow and Arrow making in the Middle Ages

2 Traditional Archery World
A web-site for the magazine, both French and English text. very sparse

What kind of pages are listed here

On this page are links to Traditional and Medieval sites, which I interpret as sites from archers who like archery the way Robin Hood did it (or Original Americans). Also asian traditional style archery related pages.