University Archery Clubs on the Net

5 Edinburgh University Archery Club (UK)
The website of EUAC, one of the most successful archery clubs in the UK (really???). News, Diary, Calendar, Results and much more...
Has a good list of more UK university archery club websites.
5 Southampton University Archery Club (England)
A friendly layout of the site coupled with a regular (albeit fairly local) information update. Look under the TEXTS section for a mine of information.

4 Sheffield University Webpage (England)
Good basic site with local info page, as well as archery cartoons, and lots of pics available of our members. well worth a visit!!

4 Exeter University Archery Club (UK)
This page contains club information (such as a noticeboard, socials, committee etc), a variety of commercial and non-commercial links, photos and a brief background of the sport. A technique/tips section is planned....

4 University of Toronto, "Hart House" Archery Club (Canada)
Intercollegiate tournament Results, World Indoor Results, Archery FAQs International Archery results and records, Archery links (mirrored from Kjetil) and more.

4 The Case Western Reserve University Archery Club (USA)
Mostly local information, but this is a wonderful example of how a good web-page should look.

4 Oxford University Company of Archers (UK)
Local information, results, records, upcoming matches, solutions to "Beginners Mistakes", jokes, a description of the Target Drinking Game and a few links.

4 Cambridge University Bowmen Home Page (UK)
Local information, A couple of interesting reviews of equipment and some good tips about the maintenance of archery equipment. Also a bunch of funny pictures of members and some links (but you know where those are going ;-)

3 Liverpool University Archery Club (UK)
Their best feature (for now) is their way of presenting the committee members. Lots and lots of maps of liverpool and links to other archery pages on the net.

3 University of Plymouth Bowmen (UK)
Club information, such as shooting times, notices, competition results, contact information, and archery links.

3 Columbia Archery (USA)
Mostly local information and a couple of nice/funny pictures of their members. Also a nice presentation with a picture and a short biography of (most of) their members.

3 Home Page of Archery Club, SA, HKUSU (Hong Kong)
A couple of nice pictures, international FITA records, contact info, plans and more. (Watch out, large fonts!)

3 Brunel University Archery Club Home Page (UK)
A nice entry page, a few pictures (not small either) showing the True Nature of Archers (they're nuts ;-). Also a few links to other archery pages on the net.

3 Stirling University Archery Club (UK)
Contact information and a little historical background, also info about buying new bows (when the "bugs" are out of the HTML ;-) addresses of suppliers and manufacturers. They also have a "Glossary" but somehow it isn't linked in their pages...

2 University of York (UK)
A little local info. links and Archery FAQs.

1 University of Limerick Archery Club (Ireland)
Local info (very sparse).

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