Archery Frequently Asked Questions

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alt.archery and FAQs

This location is the official Web location for the FAQs.

Reference FAQs

* 1995 ASA rules * Archery books
* Archery History * General Archery
* Archery Organisations

Construction and Maintenance FAQs

* Arrow making * Asian bow construction
* Bow construction * Servings and Repairs
* String making * Arrow Fletching (blackboard extract)

FAQs for different forms of Archery

* Target Archery * Korean Archery
* Kyudo * Clout shooting
* Traditional Archery (txt) * Bowfishing
* Bowhunting * English Bowyers
(Note: this is not a FAQ, but a site! The FAQ appears to be too far out of date to allow it to be listed.)
* Crossbows (txt)
New Maintainer!
* Italian Bowyers

Shooting FAQs

* Walk-back tuning * Shooting Style

Organisational matters

* Buying Bows (in progress) * Newsgroups Charter

Who are the people in Alt.Archery and Rec.Sport.Archery

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