Italian Bowyers FAQ

Last-modified: December 12, 1997
Written by: Vittorio Brizzi <>


Vittorio Brizzi
Via Milazzo 18
40121 Bologna Italy
Tel.051/552346 0368/410667

I am writing from Italy, and I am an outdoors writer and technical advisor of some Italian hunting magazines were I make technical reports on bows, traditional and compounds on AMO standards.

If you want tecnical reports (draw plot, velocity, bow efficiency) on traditional bows of Italian bowmakers, I have some. I also have technical reports on some American traditional bows. If you are interested in them, E-mail me.

These are adresses of GOOD Italian bowmakers: The "best" for me (and for the data computed) are Riccardo Annali, of Vercelli; Danilo Rosini, of Bologna, Veriano Marchi of Roma, Maurizio Mazzantini of Pisa. (They build also excellent Recurve bows).

I enclose in this section some technical test data on these bowmakers; If you want other information (graphics, force draw curves, information on woods, prices, e-mail me and I can contact them (are all old friends of mine). If you want other information on bowhunting, bowbuilding and the Italian way of archery, e-mail me!

Italian Traditional Bowmakers

(R=Recurves, L=Longbow; The data on speed are all referred at longbows of 66" reflex deflex, recurves 62" that I tested)

The Best Primitive Bowmakers

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