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United States Local Clubs and Organizations

Mark Wolverton (president?)
West Chester, PA
(215) ???-????

this is indeed the group that holds tournaments at the cricket field.

P.O. Box 282
Anoka, MN 55303

e-mail contact: Larry Stehr <>

Non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and protecting all aspects of archery in Minnesota. Founded in 1946 to work with bowhunters in achieving more opportunities for the sport through legislative action, education, and conservation projects.

National Archery Association
One Olympic Plaza
Colorado Springs, CO 80909
(719) 578-4576

They will tell you the name of the club(s) closest to you, who to contact at that club, and the phone number and address of the club(s). They should also be a good source for beginner information, tournament schedule information, NAA membership/eligibility, and of course the US Archer. Obviously, they can also supply the Philadephia Archery Club information above that I could not. Finally, I would imagine they should be able to supply some information about clubs in at least Canada, if not England.

Ruth Rowe, president

Those of you who are a little older will recognize the name. Ruth was on the 1984 US Olympic team and was the US Women's National Champion a number of times in the late 70's and early 80's. Most recently she won the US Indoor Archery Championships in March(?). She also does a bit of coaching. Quintessential Corp. has a video tape called "The Basics (Fundamentals) of Shooting". I have not seen this video, but I am told that it presents the fundamental aspects of "good" shooting (as the title implies) and it shows what is considered to be "good form". I believe Ruth is featured in most of the shooting. The video is recommended (by my friend) not only for beginners, but also for those who wish to sharpen their skills.

I'm sorry my description is vague, but I simply cannot comment on it since I haven't seen it myself. Perhaps if someone else has seen it we could hear his/her comments on the video. It can be gotten from Quintessential for $25 + $4 shipping.

Canadian Field Archery Association
c/o Larry Patterson
63 Cardinal Drive Hamilton, Ontario
L9A 4H6

Federation of Canadian Archers
1600 James Naismith Drive
Gloucester, Ontario
K1B 5N4
(613) 748-5604

Executive Director: Brian McPherson
Technical Director: Pascal Colmaire

FAX: (613)748-5785


Ontario Association of Archers
PO Box 2612 Sudbury Ontario
President: Sean McKenty
2525 Alexis Rd
Windsor, Ontario
Fax (519)944-8832

Statistics as of Dec 96

members - 5448

clubs - 135

corporate - 46

I can also provide a list of over 40 clubs here in Ontario but is too long to type, I can send you a photocopy if you want. Also, can you let me know how long a message such as this takes to get to you using the usenet gateway. (NB: message sent Aug 25).
British Columbia Archery Assoc.
James Wiebe, President
Box 1526 Vernon B.C. Canada
V1T 8C2
Ph. (604) 545-7508
Fax (604) 545-6823
The Archer's Retreat
1781 Nicholson St.
Prince George B.C. Canada
V2N 1V7
Ph. (604) 562-1888

(a really great place to shoot!!!)

Dave Cole S.D.57

The Grand National Archery Society
7th Street
National Agricultural Centre
Warwickshire CV8 2LG
Great Britain
Tel 0203 6966316

(this is the UK FITA-affiliated organization)

The British Long-Bow Society
Hon. Secretary : Mr. F.G. Fairfield
73 Fairfax Avenue
Hull, HU5 4QN
National Field Archery Society
Roy Bickerstaff - Secretary
67 Seaton Road
Nottingham NG9 6HN

For information about clubs, competitions, or anything else relating to archery in NORWAY, contact our national organisation:

Norges Bueskytterforbund
Hauger skolevei 1
N-1351 Rud
phone: + 47 67 15 46 95

Information about competition and clubs in Sweden are answered by:

Swedish Archery Association
Leif Jansson
Phone : +46 8 581 727 92
Fax : +46 8 581 661 77

Here is the adress of the belgian archery ligua

LFBTA (ligue francophone belge de tir a l'arc)
avenue du Marathon 1
1020 Bruxelles

President : VERWAEST Jacques
Secretaire: PEIGNOIS Alain

25 Avenue C. Plantin
1340 Ottignies

The address of the Dutch Archery Association (Nederlandse Handboog Bond):

        mailaddress:            visits:
        ------------            -------
        Bondsburo N.H.B.        Sportlaan 18 A
        P.O.Box 10101           Sportpark "De Hoef"
        5240 GA Rosmalen        Rosmalen
        The Netherlands         The Netherlands


The following is provided courtesy of Tom Utiger <>

Kinko Kyudojo is part of the Chikurin-ha branch of the Heki-ryu school of Kyudo under the guidance of Kanjuro Shibata XX. Shibata Sensei, a twentieth generation kyudo master and the official bow maker to the Emperor of Japan, has been teaching in the West for 14 years. His principal Western student, Don Symanski, is the head instructor of the Ryuko Kyudojo in Boulder, Colorado and spent two years in Japan learning the art of bowmaking from the Shibata family. This class is open to all, including beginning students who have never held a bow to experienced students who have had several years of practice.

Kinko Kyudojo
2288 Fulton Street
Berkeley, CA 94704
Walk from Berkeley BART

For More Information Call Lucy 415-681-1185
or email

This is a list of Heki-ryu Chikurin-ha kyudo schools outside of Japan. These schools are under the guidance of Kanjiro Shibata XX, official bow maker and archer for the Emperor of Japan. These schools unlike some other kyudo schools places a VERY heavy emphasis on the meditative aspect of kyudo.

North America
Amherst, MA       Marion Taylor         413-256-0219
Barnet, VT        Marie Criveli         802-633-2384
Boulder, CO       Scott Spannbauer      303-442-7088
Boston, MA        Jim Katz              617-965-4734
Halifax, NS       Sam West              902-479-0096
Montreal, PQ      Guy Hains             514-347-0484
New Paltz, NY     Richard Barsky        914-626-3427
New York, NY      Shelia Meyer          212-228-3275
Philadelphia, PA  Kevin Gillen          215-565-9887
San Francisco, CA Lucy Halverson        510-428-0705
Washington, DC    Ken Rawie             301-649-4990
Bonn, Germany   Klaus-peter Von der Eltz 49-228-222-341
Vienna, Austria Ernst Kruder             0222 265-7573


The following is provided courtesy of

(Ed. note: Both had Shibata Sensei listed, by which I infer they are possibly part of the school system overseen by Sensei Shibata above.)

Taiko Kyudojo
Los Angeles, CA
Ryuko Kyudojo
4220 19th St.
Boulder, CO 80304


3245 W. Walnut St.
Springfield, MO 65802

One Olympic Plaza
Colorado Springs, CO 80909

118 Main St.
Wadsworth, OH 44281
1/94 (inactive)

55 Red Lion Row
Kennett Square, PA 19348

P.O. Box 261
Cape May Court House, NJ 08210

9 Manor Street
Upper Green
Wolverhampton WV6 8RA

Schlosslirain 9
Ch-6006 Lucerne

Other Organisations

The Manchester Museum
The University
Manchester, M13 9PL

Norman Graham
800E Sherwood Road
Williamston. MI 48895. USA

Mr H.D.Soar
Yew Corner
29,Batley Court
Oldland, S.Glos.
BS30 8YZ. England

FITA (Federation Internationale de Tir a l'ARC)
Via Bartolini 39
20155 Milano
Tel.: (39) 2 39215613 Fax: (39) 2 39215637
COPANARCO (which is the Continental Union of Archery for the Americas, from which I am vice-President)
c/o Easton Aluminium Inc. (the major arrow maker in the world)
mister Don RABSKA, President of COPANARCO
7800 Haskell Avenue,
Van Nuys, CA 91406-1999
Ph.: (818) 7826445 Fax: (818) 9943889

Note: James EASTON, President of Easton Aluminium is also President of FITA, and member of the International Olympic Committee.

General DIrector of the "Federation de Tir a l'arc du Quebec (FTAQ)
4545 Pierre de Coubertin
Montreal, PQ H1V 3R2
Ph.: (514) 252.3054 Fax: (514) 252.3165

Note: Gilbert is one of the main leaders of a Kyudo group in Montreal, he also can provide information regarding modern archery due to his professional position

Subject: Archery Clubs in Quebec Canada

If anyone is looking for a place to shoot in the Provience of Quebec, they can drop me a line at my e-mail address. There are a few FITA clubs around but most clubs are going more to the 3-D aspect of archery. We have a very busy outdoor schedule here as well as a very complete indoor schedule. There are tournaments just about every weekend throughout the year. The Quebec Federation is now operating under modified ASA rules. Max 280fps speed limit, binos allowed but stabs over 12" are restricted to the Open class. Max target distance 45m. If I can be of any help please do not hesitate to contact me at

Regards, Ian Highway

Subject: Archery Groups in Italy

FIARC (ifaa) Federazione Italiana Arcieri Tiro di Campagna
(Field Archery and Field Competitions)
Via A.Tantardini 18
20136 Milano
Tel.02/58102304 Fax.02/58113438
Via Milazzo 18
40121 Bologna

e-mail vittorio.

Dr Jill Brazier
via Roma 33.
40057 Granarolo dell'Emilia. Italy

All of these groups can be contacted directly through me :

Vittorio Brizzi
Via Milazzo 18
40121 Bologna
phone: 051-552346 / 0368-410667
fax: 051-552346

Here are some important addresses we thought everyone could use.

Archery Shooters Association
Old Valdosta Rd.
PO Box 5078
Nashville, GA 31639
Phone 912-686-7402
Fax 912-686-5273
International Bowhunting Organization
PO Box 398
Vermillion, OH 44089
Phone 216-967-2137
Fax 216-967-2052
Federation Internationale de Tir a Arc (FITA)
7855 Haskell Avenue Suite 202
Van Nuys, CA 91406
Phone 818-782-6445
Fax 818-994-3889
National Field Archery Association
31407 Outer I-10
Redlands, CA 92373
Professional Archers Association
PO Box 291
Lincoln, CA 95648
National Bowhunter Education Foundation
249B E. 29th St
Box 503
Loveland, CO 80538
American Archery Council
604 Forest Ave.
Park Rapids, MN 56470
Wildlife Legislative Fund of America
801 Kingsmill Parkway
Columbus, OH 43229-1137
Jon Shepley
PSE Engineering Dept.
PO Box 5487
2727 N. Fairview
Tucson AZ 85703
Phone: 520-884-9065
Fax: 520-884-1479

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