Location of artifacts

Directory for readers and researchers

Arrowheads (Medieval Military)
The National museum of Antiquities of Scotland
Queen Street
Edinburgh EH2 1JD

The Chapter House Arrow
The Muniment Room and Library
Westminster Abbey
London, SW1P 3PA

The Farm Torshov Viking Longbow
Viking Ship Museum
University Museum of National Antiquities of Norway
University of Oslo
Frederick's Gate 2, Oslo 1

The Flodden Longbow
The Royal Company of Archers
Archer's Hall
39 Castle Street
Edinburgh 2

The Hedgeley Moor Bow
Estate Manager
Alnwick Castle
Northumberland, England

The Mary Rose Longbows
The Armouries
H.M. Tower of London

The Mendlesham Longbow
W.F. Paterson
Society of Archer-Antiquaries
Wade Court, Havant
Hants, PO9 2TB, England
Old address, please contact the Society directly

The Nydam Find Longbows
The National Museum of Denmark
Frederiksholms Kanal 12
1220 Copenhagen K