Extracts from Usenet

The following are extracts collected from alt.archery and rec.sport.archery. The first five originally appeared on Claes Colmeus' page in Sweden. Since it is no longer operational, he gave permission to put the articles up here. Thanks Claes!

Other extracts should follow soon, this depends on the debate in the newsgroups and the stability of our newsserver and newsfeed. Some of the extracts are not complete. If you do have postings not listed, please mail them to us.

* An evening with Sebastien Flute
* Advanced bow stabilisation
* Bowstring making
* Arrow center of gravity
* Pavlov's dog
* Bracing height and string length
* Aiming with the spirit
* Riser materials
* Focus on Pin or Target?
* Basic arrow flight question
* Dominant eye question
* Your Bracing Height?
* On arrow tuning
* Bownet page on Avalon
* Beiter nocks on ACE arrows
* PSE Universal and Centra bow questions?
* Who else shot from horseback?
* What draw weight(s) were Medieval English war bows?
* Holes in your bow
* Target archery equipment performance
* Manufacturers using Hoyt Recurve limb fit
* Mongol archery
* Target panic
* New world record, nearly
* Yamaha limbs?
* Mary Rose
* Spin Wings
* Tuning Software ???
* Vanes vs feathers
* Thinking about making wood bows
* How often change string??
* What type of release?
* Fluted arrow shafts?
* Clickers
* Releases
* Involuntary loosing
* Arrows -- plastic vanes vs. feathers
* Clickers and Stabilisers

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