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This student flat has a strong bond with the feline co-inhabitants of our planet. Therefore we have at most times had the privilege to enjoy the company of them in our humble dwelling. Unfortunately, since we try not to impair their (sense of) freedom, we have lost the company of many of these feline individuals before their time...

So far, we have sadly lost (in order of dissapearance):


Current co-habitation status

Since their birth (11 April 1998) we have patiently waited for our current companions (Xena and Rambo) to arive at a mature enough age to come live with us, instead of their mother in Zoelmond (Yes, this place actually exists!). They have lived with us since they were two months of age.

About Xena and Rambo

Xena and Rambo are sister and brother, respectively. They look very much alike, although Xena is slightly larger and has a few characteristic white spots (one below her chin, a small patch of white on one of the toes of her front-paw and a patch of white on her belly). In their behaviour they are different too... Xena is more focussed on people, but they both love all kinds of human attention (especially when food is involved). A behaviour they both have, although we would rather they didn't, is that they both suck. I don't mean this in a negative way, they just try to get milk from just about anywhere; hands, noses and even each other. Rambo usually sucks himself (no, not there you naughty person!) on his chest (yes, cats can do that) and Xena prefers to suck Rambo there too (or any other person that tolerates it).

Xena (L) and Rambo (R)
Xena (L) and Rambo (R)

Xena (L) and Rambo (R)
Xena (L) and Rambo (R)
(Although it's impossible to tell this way...)

About our previous cats (and others)

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