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What are the Sagittarius pages about and who are the people behind it?

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About these web-pages

These pages are maintained by members of the student archery club Sagittarius. Our aim is to provide more than just local club information. We hope that these pages will provide some kind of reference for all archers on the Internet.

The emphasis is on target archery as you have probably noticed. The reason for this is that we only practice target archery, so it would be silly to talk about stuff we don't do. As we technically oriented people, the articles might be slightly biased towards technical/scientific topics.

We maintain these pages in our spare time and on a non-commercial basis. The Archery links page has no pointers to commercial archery sites and bowhunting sites, because we don't want to take sides and we are not interested in bowhunting.

On viewing the Sagittarius web-pages

We test it on the browsers we have, Mozilla is very good with standards, so everything that works in mozilla works most of the time in most modern browsers. The older ones should still work too (Netscape 4.x)

The Webteam

Currently, the web pages are hardly maintained. We're currently mostly focussed on getting local functionality for the club online and not so much for international content and external links. Consider the pages to be available as is and we don't provide any guarantees that anything actually works at the moment...

Feel free to contact us at:

sagi@ nospam... www.student dot
The SNT computer
We were able to get some web-space for the Sagittarius pages on the SNT computer, which is also used for other University Clubs here on the Campus. (Because of the size of our pages we contributed a crate of Grolsch for the use of the diskspace)

Copyright matters

Copyright of all articles, pictures, drawings, photographs and other items in these pages remain with their respective authors and publishers. Unless otherwise denoted, the rest of the information contained in these pages is copyright of University Archery Club Sagittarius Twente in Enschede, Holland.

These pages may not be stored in any public or commercial database, CD-rom or other information carrier without prior written permission of the maintainers and Sagittarius Twente (We are likely to give permission!). The only duplication allowed is for personal use.

We make every possible effort to obtain permission for publishing articles, pictures, etc. We also try to attribute every picture, quote or similar. Should you feel that we did not properly attributed any item, or, that we violated your copyrights, please let us know and we will correct this.


These pages are maintained by The Sagittarius Web Team. Last modified on 25 June 2002.